Frequently Asked Questions

NFT or Non-Fungible Token is a unique crypto token attached to a digital piece of artwork like a JPG, PNG, GIF, MP3 or even 3D files, which records the origin, authenticity, proof of ownership and transaction history of that work on the blockchain. And as the name suggests, these tokens are non-fungible, which means they are one of its kind and their provenance cannot be duplicated or replicated.

In most cases, NFTs only give ownership of the digital version of the artwork to the buyer and the right to trade that piece on the blockchain. But in some cases, artists can also provide full offline commercial rights of the artwork to collectors of their NFTs, for creating derivate artwork or merchandise and sell them as well.

NFTs are gaining a lot of popularity as the blockchain technology is used to sell artwork digitally and it solves many problems faced by traditional offline art collection, like high cost of maintenance, storage and display real estate space, insurance and security to name a few.

When an NFT is minted, dropped, purchased or transferred, a transaction is run through a network of computers that authenticate and capture a digital record of all trades ever executed for that specific token. This decentralized network is often referred to as a blockchain, which ensures every computer involved agrees with any change to the ledger, as is the case with paper documents. This process ensures maximum security when trading NFTs.

These are a crypto wallets that stores your Polygon. It’s needed to purchase and mint a Alien Emigrants. Having a wallet gives you an Polygon address (i.e. 0xABCD….1234), which is also where your NFT is stored. Learn more about Metamask or Coinbase Wallet and how easy they are to use here or here.

There will be 10 000 Alien Emigrants available in the Polygon blockchain.

Yes, you are able to resell on the OpenSea, Refinable, Rarible or official Alien Emigrants Marketplace platforms at anytime you see fit.

Alien Emigrants will have a 5% Royalty on all trades.. Which we will use to grow the project.

Alien Emigrants owners have full ownership of their Alien Emigrants NFT. You may use Alien Emigrants you own for any purpose, including commercially, to the extent allowed by the applicable law. More info Terms & Conditions.

Holder club members will always receive news at least one week in advance. Holders club members will have more privileges… If You have NFT, you just need to verify on the discord server and you get role Holders which will unlock the Holders club category. 

Royalties will be divided into three categories: Game development, Advertising, For the team. 

Yes, after reaching the new MINT phase, MINT limits restart. Example: If you completed NFT MINT Phase 1 or Phase 2, in the next phase you will be able to do MINT again. 

Alien Emigrants NFT MINT is divided into 10 phases to optimally distribute the collection and reach the largest possible audience.

In each phase, there will be a prize fund that will be distributed to discord holders club members. There will be giveaway contests and more.